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Gaochun to Upgrade and Transform 150 Public Restrooms in 2018

Recently, Gaochun district issued the "Ten Action Plans for Urban Fine Construction and Management of Gaochun District in 2018". The ten actions include primary&secondary trunk road renovation, back streets renovation, building facade renovation, pipeline reconstruction, greenery landscape promotion, old housing estate renovation, sanitation facility improvement, city lighting improvement, traffic order renovation and strengthening construction management.

In primary&secondary trunk road renovation, targeting at flat road surface, smooth pipeline, smooth well lid, straight curbstone, purified space, beautiful ecological environment and complete ancillary facilities, Gaochun district is to carry out the fine renovation of traffic highway including 13 primary&secondary trunk road, Gaowu expressway, Ninggao intercity metro, etc. and to improve the functional quality of the road. The specific measures include cleaning up all kinds of illegal buildings and facilities, and renovating roadways and pavements.

In order to improve the citizen’s travel conditions and to shape characteristic street environment, this year, Gaochun district will focus on the renovation to 20 back streets on municipal administration, landscaping, traffic, city appearance and facade. In addition, in order to improve the living environment, Gaochun district will carry out the renovation to some old housing estates with a construction area of about 51000 square meters and carry out the environment renovation to six old housing estates. The renovation contents include demolishing illegal building, perfecting infrastructure, maintaining houses and beautifying environment.

The public toilet revolution will be continued to be pushed on this year. Gaochun district is to build six public toilets in the area with large visitors flow rate and prominent demands, to implement the new standard for public toilets, and to complete the upgrade and transformation of 150 public toilets. At the same time, to improve the proportion of female toilets, to perfect the facilities, and to beautify the environment of the public toilets.

In addition, Gaochun will promote the work of non-medical waste classification. This year, it is to plan to build eight disposal stations for organic wastes and eight stations for wastes collection and sorting. The total organic waste disposal capacity can reach 20 tons per day in the future.

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