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10 Newly-recruited Orychophragmus Violaceus Volunteers Were On Duty

On March 4th, Li Zhenming, child of Li Gaoshan who is the survivor in Nanjing Massacre dressed in Orychophragmus Violaceus volunteers’ clothing, telling his father's experiences in Nanjing Massacre at the Memorial Hall of the Victims in Nanjing Massacre by Japanese Invaders.

March 5th is the 55th national "Lei Feng Day ". On March 4th, the 2018 job ceremony for the newly-recruited volunteers and the "3·5 Lei Feng Day" volunteer service activity was held in the memorial hall. Ten volunteers including Li Zhenming and Wang Weixing, researcher of Jiangsu Provincial Academy of Social Sciences received the qualification certificate, and they will participate in the volunteer service activities such as explanation and civilization guidance. So far, the volunteer service team has had more than 300 volunteers.

After the short ceremony, the new volunteers explained the history of Nanjing massacre to the audience. In Li Zhenming’s lecture hall, his father Li Gaoshan often attended the activities such as oral reports, exhibitions and others when he was alive.

In addition, the historian Wang Weixing told about the battle of Nanjing. He said that the mass spread of the history of Nanjing Massacre is the obligatory responsibility for historians.“The fundamental purpose of the historical research is to sum up the historical lessons and to avoid the repetition of historical tragedies. Although the spread route is different such as holding the post of commentator, writing articles, publishing books, the fundamental purpose is to spread the history of Nanjing Massacre.”

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