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Municipal Agricultural Committee to Recommend Nearly 20 Leisure Scenic Spots

As the Spring Festival is approaching, to enrich the festival experience for the public, Municipal Agricultural Committee has recommended a batch of leisure agriculture scenic spots suitable for visiting during the Spring Festival. These scenic spots cover nearly 20 fine attractions in Jiangning, Pukou, Luhe, Lishui, Gaochun and Qixia district, providing more choices for people to appreciate pastoral scenery, to feel folk customs and to taste peasant food.

From February 15th to 21st, Luhe Pablo ecological valley and Zhanggong vineyard will be opened to the public normally; Jiangning Huanglongxian village, Qifangcun and Shidi Shuixiang will do business normally; Part of agritainment in Gaochun Dashan village and Shiqiaowei village will do business normally; Pukou Yuhua ecological garden and Qixia Hongcai Horticulture will be opened to the public normally. From February 17th to 21st, Lishui Fujiabian science park, golden manor strawberry town, Shishanxia village and Qinhuaimei park will do business normally.

During the Spring Festival, many leisure scenic spots will also hold colorful folk customs and entertainment activities. Walk along the recommended routes, the citizens can go to the Huanglongxian village to enjoy the lanterns, do a word puzzle and welcome the God of Wealth; to Lishui Fujiabian science park to appreciate the beauty of the plum blossom; etc.

The staff of Luhe Pablo ecological valley introduced that in order to make the public spend the Spring Festival happily, the scenic spot will be opened to the public normally and it will introduce some intangible projects such as paper-cut, sugar painting, etc. to create a strong atmosphere of the new year.

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