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Six Pieces of Cultural Stellai to Be Erected at the Northern Section of Qinhuai River

On the morning of February 11th, six pieces of cultural stellai finished its installation at the northern section of Qinhuai river, drawing an ending to the comprehensive environment improvement of the section.

The northern section of the inner Qinhuai river is the ruin of the eastern section of the north Yangwu moat of Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms. In recent years, the water quality has deteriorated gradually due to environmental changes. In 2017, Xuanwu district included it in the key content of refined governance, and it would forge it into a waterfront city parlor through sewage interception and dredging, regulating the shoreline and opening the footpath along the river. According to introduction, the six stellai are respectively located beside Tongxian bridge, Fuqiao bridge, Jingshi bridge, Taiping bridge and Zhuqiao bridge with each stele corresponding to a period of history.

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