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Gulou to Help Poor Single Parent Families to Integrate into Society

With the singing of naive songs, a special new year party was held at Xiaotaoyuan community a few days ago, and 30 households of families who were single mothers and their underage children got involved in. The activity is one of the pilot activities of the “social integration project for poor single mother and her children”.

Flowers, air balloons and red envelopes decorated the community, creating a strong festive atmosphere. Mothers guided their children to show their talent to the fullest, dancing, playing musical instruments, singing songs and playing small games. The street also set up the link of paintings drawing particularly. Under the guidance of the art teachers, mothers and children drew an oil painting together, expressing their love for life and family.

According to introduction, set up by Jiangsu Provincial Working Committee on Children and Women, the activity is the subactivity of “social integration project for poor single mother and her children” and it was firstly settled in Gulou in June, 2016 for two years. In earlier stage, the project carried an investigation and survey on 496 single households of single mother families from the aspect of basic information, employment situation, employment expectation and demand choice, and then provided solutions for the employment of mothers and parent-child communication through the forms such as group, individual, community activities to help single mothers and their children better integrate into society.

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