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The National Famous Brand Building Demonstration Area to Be Settled in Nanjing

A few days ago, the AQSIQ issued a notice to approve 15 parks to be named as "national famous brand building demonstration zones" and the "national smart grid industry famous brand building demonstration zone" declared by Jiangning economic and technological development zone was in the list. It is the first "national famous brand building demonstration zone” in Nanjing.

The relevant staff of AQSIQ introduced that the creation of the “demonstration zone” aims to promote local governments to deeply implement the strategy of "quality prospering province (city)" and famous brand development strategy through the demonstration area actions.

Jiangning development zone owns 126 smart grid enterprises above designated scale, among which 10 are listed enterprises, 46 are enterprises with an output value of over 100 million yuan and one with ten billion yuan. It has constructed a smart grid industry chain with completed upstream and downstream. The enterprise agglomeration degree ranks the first place around China. In the field of power control and protection, the enterprise cluster owns the world's leading independent innovation research strength with its power control and protection products holding an absolute advantage in domestic.

Among these named "demonstration zones", ten enterprises sucn as Wiscom System Co., Ltd., Phoenix Asia-pacific Electric (Nanjing) Co., Ltd., Nanjing Daquan Electric Co., Ltd., etc. have been listed as the backbone enterprises to create famous brands.

According to the relevant staff of Management Committee of Jiangning Development Zone, currently, Jiangning smart grid industry owns 3 Chinese famous brand products, 12 Jiangsu famous brand products, 15 Nanjing famous brand products, as well as 3 China's well-known trademarks, 10 famous Jiangsu trademarks and 13 famous Nanjing trademarks.

The improving influence of the brand quality has made these leading enterprises to accelerate expansion and continuously enhance the collaborative innovation and trans-regional cooperation between enterprises in various regions. Thereinto, the national occupancy ratio of HVDC protection and control system of NR Electric has been increased from 56% to 60%. At the same time, the output of overseas products of relevant enterprises is also increasing. In recent two years, the international business contract amount of NR Electric has been increased by 84.45% and 15%.

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