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The Peak Load of Winter Power Breaks Through Ten Million Kilowatts

At 19:34 of January 8th, the peak load of Nanjing power grid in winter exceeded 10 million kilowatts, reaching 10.0026 million kilowatts which has been increased by 24.0% compared with the 805,000 kw in last winter.

According to Nanjing Power Supply Company, in order to ensure the electricity demand in winter, the company has strengthened the operation monitoring on important areas and heavy equipment at present. For the condition of heavy load of some substations such as 220 kv Yinxiang and Xianhe, it has scientifically adjusted the power grid to shunt the main transformer’s load. The company has also adjusted the equipment maintenance mode and improved the electricity protection plan and the emergency plan in bad weather, to ensure the reliable supply of electricity.

In accordance with the work plan that " key inspection in hidden danger areas, preferential transformation on older communities", the power supply department have completed the inspection work of 800,000 households and transformation work of 160,000 households, to ensure the demand of peak electricity consumption during the period of winter. At the same time, the department has also formulated a unified notice posted at the entrance of elevators and doors, requiring all community managers to communicate with the residential property they are responsible for to provide customers with fast repairing service.

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