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China Beidou Testing Certification Alliance Is Established

Recently, the China Beidou Satellite Navigation Product Testing and Certification Alliance, jointly sponsored by the Beidou Product Quality Inspection Center of Nanjing Institute of Measurement and Testing Technology and other units, was established, with 50 members in the first batch.

The related staff of the institute introduced that the alliance is jointly established by National University of Defense Technology, CETC54 , CEPREI and SIMT under the guidance of CNCA and the Battlefield Environmental Protection Bureau of Joint Staff Department. The alliance has invited Tan Shusen, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, and Yang Yuanxi, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences as the director and the deputy director of the committee of experts of the alliance, and the Beidou Product Quality Inspection Center to undertake the work of the secretariat.

In the future, the alliance will actively in accordance with the quality improvement guidance requirements, focus on the needs of product innovation and organize members to focus on products’ performance and quality, to promote information sharing between alliance members through providing services such as product testing, certification, standard setting, patents sharing, application popularization, international cooperation, etc., to promote the whole competitiveness of Beidou industry and to support the innovation and development of Beidou industry.

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