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The First Domestic ICU Post-Outpatient Clinic Is Established

On January 8th, the first domestic ICU post-outpatient clinic was established at the ICU of Zhongda Hospital Southeast University to provide physiological, psychological, rehabilitation, nutrition and other professional guidance for patients who have been discharged after the ICU transfer and their families.

Yang Yi, professor of Zhongda Hospital ICU introduced that in recent years, the critical care medicine has been developed rapidly and the treatment level of all kinds of emergency and severe cases has been significantly improved that a large number of patients get timely and effective treatment to save their lives. The mortality of critical patients has been reduced obviously, however, the long-term prognosis of ICU patients is not optimistic. Studies show that the critical patients would have varying degrees of physical and mental problems after being transferred from ICU, and the long-term survival rate of one year or two years was far below that of the patients discharged from ordinary wards with more than 50% of the patients needing professional instruction and treatment. Therefore, focusing on the long-term prognosis of the patients with ICU transfer has become a new focus of critical care medicine. There have already been hospitals in Europe and the United States to carry out the ICU post-outpatient clinic service, but there were no such clinics in China before.

The ICU post-outpatient clinic of Zhongda Hospital was led by the Department of Critical Care Medicine and combined with Rehabilitation Department, Clinical Medicine Division, Nutrition Department and other departments of the hospital. It will help improve the long-term prognosis and quality of life for patients with ICU discharge. The clinic can be reserved and is open to the reserved patients every Tuesday afternoon.

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