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Jiangning to Implement 633 Urban Construction Projects

The 17th People's Congress Second Conference of Jiangning district was held on January 7th. The conference reviewed the work in 2017 and the plan in 2018, and defined to focus on six aspects including S&T talent, project construction, social governance, etc. in the following years. Among them, Jiangning will implement 633 urban construction projects throughout the year to integrate urban and rural development.

Focusing on the south main urban area of Nanjing, Jiangning will better definitely highlight the integrality and coordination of urban and rural development of Nanjing, and continuously improve the functional quality. In the whole year, it will implement 633 urban construction projects and acquire 2.6 million square meters of land, with a total investment of 65.05 billion yuan.

A batch of key project plans have been scheduled. In the aspect of comprehensive transportation, Jiangning will cooperate with some key project construction to start the rapid transformation of Chengxi avenue, lengthening of Tianyin avenue, Wenjing road, etc.

In the aspect of improving the urban quality, Jiangning will complete the construction of Qinhuai river and Waigang river, build a batch of greenways in Baijia lake area, perfect the urban slow system, and forge a green urban living room connecting green mountains and rivers.

In addition, the renewal step of Jiangning district will be further accelerated to promote the relocation and renovation of shantytowns, and to complete the renovation of 1 million square meters of old residential areas. The municipal facilities will be completed to add a new batch of buses. 

The reporter learned that the economic and social development of Jiangning has achieved a good beginning in 2017, and each economic indicator has successfully completed the annual plan, with the expected comparable price of local gross value of production increased by 9% and the general public budget revenue being 22.65 billion yuan.

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