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Qinhuai District to Select 10 Major Events for Economic and Social Development

Over the past year, the economic strength, science and technology innovation, cultural tourism of Qinhuai district have stepped into a new phase, the urban appearance has been improved, and the protection of people's livelihood has achieved new results. In order to comprehensively summarize and reflect Qinhuai’s each battle line in 2017 to carry out and implement the spirit of the Party, in accordance with the overall pattern of “protecting and updating the old city, developing and constructing a new town”, and focusing on the development orientation of “three centers and one highland” and outstanding achievements achieved, characteristic brands forged, innovative initiatives launched, the 10 major events for economic and social development in Qinhuai district in 2017 began to be selected.

It is reported that the 30 candidate  events were mainly divided into five major categories including economic development, cultural tourism, urban construction&management, social livelihood of the people and the party's construction, covering visit activity, water environmental governance, south Taiping road renovation, etc. The vote can be involved in the official accounts of”Qinhuai issue" and the deadline is January 15th, 2018.

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