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Huiwen Girls Middle School had Her 130th Anniversary

On November 12th, Nanjing People's Middle School Huiwen Girls Middle School had the 130th anniversary. This six-year high school has the longest history and is the only school in the city to carry out female education experiments. On that day’s celebration activity, how to carry out the female education in modern society was still an important topic discussed by the experts.

Nanjing People's Middle School Nanjing Huiwen Girl's Middle School was built in 1887. In the course of 130 years, 80 years of school running history are female school, Vice Principle Jin Wang introduced, in 2012, the school tried to restore girls school, and recruited a class of girls as trial. In 2016 it officially resumed the name of girls high school. Now there are more than 200 female students in this girls middle school. In addition to the high school curriculum prescribed by the state, there are 17 tailor-made courses for the female students. "At present, the school is still in transition period. Because there aren’t too many female middle school students, the school has the Girls Middle School and the People's Middle School two names, in which the People's Middle School is still recruiting boys. In the future, with the increase of social recognition and the increase of students number, the school will completely restore girls' school." Jin Wang said.

Whether there is any significance to run female schools in modern society? In the process of trying to restore girls school, all kinds of controversies still exist. Jin Wang believes that when running girls schools, the biggest advantage is based on the gender characteristics of the female to educate students to be modern females with temperament and self-confidence internally and externally, so that they can play their gender roles better in future.

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