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The city children experience " Every grain comes from hard working"

Now is in the autumn harvest season. More than 300 primary school students yesterday came to the Bojue Family Farm in Gaochun District, where they became the "little farmers", and harvested the rice which was planted by themselves in spring. They experienced farm work activities such as picking up the rice ears, digging sweet potatoes, planting the rape ect.
"This is where we planted the rice seedlings."The students in Grade 2 of the Affiliated Primary School of Nanjing Xuanwu Foreign Language School came in batches to the place where they planted the rice seedling this spring. Rice paddies have just begun to be harvested, and the rice ears are scattered in the fields. Students were led by their teachers to pick up them in the rice paddies.

Yang Sibo, Class 4 of Grade 2, quickly picked up many rice ears and was very excited. When heard that they would come to harvest the rice yesterday afternoon, he said, he began to imagine the appearance of the rice paddy fields. " Spring planting time was very hard, and were scared to step in the soft mud. All these rice ears must be picked up. We cannot waste ".

Like Yang Sibo, every primary school student prepared plastic bags to pick up rice ears. Soon each young face was red because of the sun. Under the guidance of the teachers, the children recited the ancient poem "Weeding the grass for seedlings" while continuing picking up the ears of rice. On that day, the children also experienced digging the sweet potatoes, transplanting the rapes. They were so happy to be busy while the bodies were covered with mud. The children not only experienced the joy of harvest, but also planted the hope of the year in the hard work.

To invite city residents to experience farming activities is a parent-child experience program brought out by the Bojue Family Farm in recent years. The owner Hongtao Zhuang, a music teacher of Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications, contracted 200 acres of land to start a farm in Gaochun in 2012. The experience activities are favored by the Affiliated Primary School of Nanjing Xuanwu Foreign Language School, which brings all students to experience the agricultural work both in spring and autumn, to let the children understand the meaning of " Every grain comes from hard working ".

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