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The Population of 5G Technical Talent Gap Will Reach 20 Million

On the 9th international academic conference on wireless communication&signal processing sponsored by Southeast University yesterday, the reporter learned that Southeast University has carried out the general education about 5G among part of undergraduates.

5G, the fifth-generation mobile communication technology, is an extension of 4G technology. In the age of 5G, people can download a 2G HD movie in 5 seconds and can surf the Internet on a train at the speed of 500 kilometers per hour. The 5G network can also realize "all things being connected", such as unmanned driving and virtual reality. At present, China, South Korea, Japan, US, EU and other countries are investing heavily in research&development of 5G, and it is expected to gradually realize 5G commercialization after 2020. In the communication industry, standard dominates the competition.

Huang Yongming, vice-president of information science and engineering college of Southeast University introduced that since 2012, the national key laboratory of mobile communication in Southeast University has begun the research&development in 5G field and it has published about 30 papers in international core journals and academic conference and applied for more than 10 core patents in national technical invention. Southeast University has just been selected as a first-class university, in which the first-class subjects such as information&communication engineering, electronic science&technology, computer science&technology, etc. are closely related to 5G technology. With the development of mobile communication technology, the population of 5G gap in the future will reach 20 million in China. At present, all undergraduates in information science and engineering college shall learn the basic knowledge about 5G.

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