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The Community Shall Carry out Chinese Medicine Services

Yesterday, the first TCM nursing appropriate technique training class was opened at Nanjing Hospital of TCM. In the next seven days of training, the mentors will teach the nurses from the TCM department of secondary&tertiary hospitals as well as primary community health service centers the TCM nursing appropriate technique including acupuncture, tuina, auricular-plaster, etc.

Accurately stick the medicine beans to the auricular point with adhesive plaster, then moderately knead, press, pinch and press to make it produce irritative response such as numb, bloated, pain, etc.; Repeatedly move and frict through special scrapping instruments and corresponding technique against the body to produce local miliary menstrual color or dark red blutpunkte, so as to invigorate the circulation of blood. Cai Xubing introduced that the leading role of TCM in preventive treatment of disease and the synergistic role in the treatment of major diseases shall be fully played.

“It is necessary to standardize the appropriate technique of TCM by standardized training,” said Guo Xiujun, head of the nursing department of Nanjing Hospital of TCM.

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