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Another National-level Innovation&Entrepreneurship Competition Is Settled in Nanjing

The opening ceremony of the national final of the 6th China innovation&entrepreneurship competition (bio-medicine industry competition) is to be held in Jiangning district from Sept. 15th to 19th. It was the first time that the nation's innovation&entrepreneurship competition with the highest specification and largest scale had entered Nanjing.

The 6th competition was jointly guided and held by ministry of science&technology, ministry of finance, ministry of education, national network security&informatization office and national federation of industry&commerce. Since its initiate in 2012, it has been held for five consecutive sessions and this year is the sixth session. The competition is divided into two stages including regional competitions and national final which involves six industries such as electronic information, bio-medicine, advanced manufacturing,etc.

The competition is scheduled to be held in Jiangning from Sept. 15th and 19th for five days. The opening ceremony of the national final and the regional competition of bio-medicine are to be undertaken by Nanjing municipal government as well as Jiangsu provincial science&technology (S&T)department and co-organized by Jiangning district.

According to related principals, during the competition, Jiangning plans to invite the well-known experts and scholars from domestic&overseas biomedical fields, senior managers from the leading enterprises and well-known investors to attend the activity. Meanwhile, there will be more than 200 outstanding entrepreneurial enterprises in the field of bio-medicine from different areas in China joining in the competition.

There will be not only international bio-medical leaders summit, but also roadshows about innovation demand connection&financing of large-scale enterprise, as well as entrepreneurial activities such as entrepreneurship public class. During the activity, Jiangning district will also hold a new policy conference on talent S&T and a visiting activity so that entrepreneurs can experience the innovation&entrepreneurial atmosphere in Jiangning.

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