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“Internet +Government Affairs Service”Is Efficiently Applied in Nanjing

In the past, when handling house prosperity transaction&real estate registration in Nanjing, applicants were required to submit 19 copies of materials in front of more than 10 counters of 3 departments for nearly one day. In June this year, China’s first integrated platform of commercial housing transaction&real estate registration was put into service in Nanjing municipal government affairs service center. Then, only 9 copies of materials and 30 minutes are needed to apply for the real estate license.

In recent years, based on the construction of disinterested and efficient government affairs, the "Internet+government affairs service" has been effectively applied in Nanjing, benefiting enterprises and citizens.

On May 4th this year, Nanjing started to use mobile phone APP to issue a house-purchase certificate without going out and queuing up.

Promoting “online transaction without meeting” is an important measure to deepen the State Council’s reform of delegating power, streamlining administration and optimizing government services. At the beginning of last year, Nanjing was identified as one of the "Internet + government affairs service" pilot areas. “No meeting service” pushed by Nanjing municipal government affair service center has greatly solved such problems as too many links, too many materials, too many queues and too long time.

In April this year, Nanjing municipal government procurement&trading system completed the first full-process electronic procurement project, which took only an hour and a half to determine the supplier. It is the first example of intelligentized and paperless government procurement model in the country. According to related staff, the online acceptance rate of public resource trading is 92%.

The government service can be done online just like "taobao". In May this year, Nanjing took the lead in Jiangsu province to open its first municipal level "flagship store", covering municipal level and district-level government departments.


According to introduction, at present, there are 158 online declaration projects, and the projects have achieved data sharing with 8 functional departments with an online rate of 100%, ranking the top ones among Jiangsu province.


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