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Another 60 AEDs Are Put into Service in Nanjing

September 9th is the 18th World First Aid Day. Reporters learned from the ceremony of Jiangsu provincial AED (defibrillator) setting up and donation in public place that 60 of the 100 AEDs awarded to Jiangsu province will be allocated at the airports, stations and other public places in Nanjing.

AED, used for the early defibrillation of patients after cardiac arrest, is a portable, easy-to-operate medical emergency device that can help restore the heart beat after a cardiac arrest. Because an AED can automatically identify ventricular fibrillation and each step has voice prompt, a simple training enables people’s skilled use, suitable for increasing self and mutual help abilities of non-medical staff in emergency. Thus, the AED is also called "life-saving artifact".

According to related principals, the first batch of 30 AEDs were launched in Jiangsu province in 2016, among which six are respectively located at Jiangsu provincial government affairs center, Nanjing government affairs lobby and Jiangsu provincial health and family planning commission building and another 24 are respectively located at Suzhou municipal government affairs center, Wuxi municipal government affairs center, etc. Among the 100 AEDs awarded to Jiangsu province, 60 were allocated in Nanjing. By the end of this year, about 500 AEDs are expected to put in public places such as airports, stations, shopping malls and gymnasiums in Jiangsu.


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