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Clear up and Tow away the Shared Electric Bicycles Without Licences

On Sept. 10th, Nanjing municipal traffic bureau, together with Nanjing municipal urban management bureau and traffic management bureau cleared up and towed away the unlicensed electric bicycles along Zhongyang road, Zhongshan road and south Zhongshan road. A total of 79 unlicensed electric bicycles were cleared up and towed away in an hour or so.

In recent years, electric bicycles have been developing rapidly across the country. In Nanjing, for example, there are hundreds of thousands of shares bikes including a certain number of shared electric bicycles. In August this year, traffic transportation department and other 9 departments jointly issued Guidelines on Encouraging and Standardizing the Development of Internet Rental Bikes to specify that it does not encourage to rent the electric bicycles online. Nanjing municipal traffic bureau, public security bureau and urban management bureau have convened a joint meeting to require that before August 10th, the existing unlicensed shared electric bicycles must be exited from the market, and one month has been given to related companies for handling.

At 9.30 am on yesterday morning, the law enforcement officers came to the No. 2 exit of Zhang fuyuan metro station where a row of shares bicycles were parked in the slow lane, including several "No. 7 electric bicycles". After confirming that the electric bikes were unlicensed, the law enforcement officers immediately cleared up and towed away the vehicles. In addition, the law enforcement officers stopped a citizen riding an electric bicycle and temporarily detained the vehicle.

Reporters learned that the shared electric bikes launched in Nanjing are mainly "No. 7 electric bicycle", "XIANGQI" and "BAOJIA", with a total quantity of about 30,000, and only 433 vehicles being licensed. Deng Jing introduced that due to not encouraging the development of the shared electric bicycle, the unlicensed electric bicycles will be repelled from the market in accordance with the relevant regulations and the licensed ones will be exited from the market orderly according to the principle of "natural elimination, gradual scrapping".

It is reported that the management action sphere will be gradually expanded to the whole city. For the electric bicycles which have been towed away, it will be informed to the relevant enterprises to take them away and bear all kinds of expenses.

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