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Nanjing Public Sport Center to Forge An Intelligentized Parking Lot

Nanjing public sport center, located at the core business circle of Xinjiekou, owns about 300 parking spaces which cannot meet the demand for parking of about 7,000 people per day. For facilitating citizens, the center, together with Nanjing Guoli Assets Management Limited Liability Company which is affiliated to Nanjing Southeast Investment Group, is to forge an intelligentized parking lot of "Internet + robot +car derived service".

Reporters learned that the parking lot will introduce the technology of robot parking and informatization to share Internet data and to break information isolation to achieve such functions as parking guidance, parking reservation, self-help pay and quick access. Also, the parking lot is to improve access efficiency of the warehouse stereo garages by more than 30%, thus to forge an exemplary intelligent mechanical parking lot in Nanjing. After the 1st and 2nd phase of transformation, the number of parking space will increase to 480 from 300, which can basically meet citizens’ demand for parking. The supporting service will also be improved to further enhance the management level of the parking lot and to broaden the range and depth of the operation of public chain brand. In addition, the two sides will also take advantage of the latest technology and the Internet business model to invest&construct, transform&upgrade, and manage&operate all kinds of large&medium-sized public parking lots in order to forge the parking lot to become a leading and model industry in Nanjing and surrounding areas while improving the service ability of the public venues.

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