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A Mobile Phone Is Beneficial to School Life

On September 6th, reporters learned from Nanjing Xiaozhuang University that the university takes the lead to use the “mobile campus card” among the whole country because a mobile phone can solve many problems such as eating meals in dining hall, checking the number of people in shower rooms, etc.

Although the mobile payment is very common now, the Wechat and Alipay payment are restricted to buy things in shops and eat meals in dining halls in majority of universities in order to facilitate the supervision of business users such as dining halls. For facilitating students and teachers, Xiaozhuang University, together with related units, has developed a new app named “i Xiaozhuang”, which integrating all the functions in "One-Card" into mobile phones.

“i Xiaozhuang” can achieve 35 items of assumption certification on campus including eating meals in dining hall, signing up for CET4 and CET6, paying fees at the service center. In addition, the APP can help students borrow books from the library, enter&exit the dormitories, apply for the work-study posts, check the empty classrooms or even check the number of people in shower rooms.

When opening the app of “number of people in shower room”, you can find a histogram with blue representing “available” and gray representing “in use”. The service condition is clearly for you.


“There are more than 10,000 students at Xiaozhuang University with more than 70 percent of them are girls. So queuing in front of public shower rooms is frequent seen. In order to optimize the utilization ratio of limited resources, we have developed the query function of the number of people in shower rooms based on the real-time data of "One-Card", so that students can reasonably arrange their own time according to the use condition of the shower rooms,” said Xue Tongqi, director of network management center of Xiaozhuang University.

“Wisdom campus is the key project for universities and colleges. The app is hoped to benefit all the teachers and students and to improve efficiency. It is also hoped that Xiaozhuang University can go further in the construction of informatization, technicalization and wisdom, ” headmaster Xu Chengming said.

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