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Free Detection to Home Air Quality Starts to Sign up

The free detection to home air quality in September starts to sign up. The family who has such need shall register from Sept.5th to 10th to Nanjing bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision.

The condition is that the house shall be newly decorated in urban area in Nanjing and without living in. During September, the quality month, there will be 30 numbers for free detection. The registration method is that following the WeChat official account of Nanjing bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision to leave a message for them and register online. The registration details include the owner’s name, detailed address of the house to be detected(including road name, residential quarters name, building no. and house no.), contact number, time of decoration completion, the floor space, and the house type. This information must be accurate and each item must be indispensable. If there are too many applicants, the bureau will randomly choose the eligible ones from the families within the specified time and then make a public list on WeChat official account.

The free air quality detection service began in 2008. For timely detection, the bureau changed the way of centralized registration in the past into carrying out the activity each month from March to November this year. There are 200 households that can be detected freely among the whole year, and the activity in September is the 7th phase. There had been 130 households accepting the free service.

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