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Lishui Achieves A Full Coverage of Community Service for Home Care of Elderly
Reporters learned yesterday that there are 78 home care service centers operated by professional organizations in Lishui and 13 3A-level home care service centers with the service capacity of “assisting dinning, assisting seeing a doctor and assisting first-aid”, achieving a full coverage of urban and rural community home care service center.

At 8 o'clock on yesterday morning, Zhang Dongbao went to the Lishui Dongmen Community Home Care Service Center after eating breakfast as usual to chat with or play chess with other old men. Zhang Dongbao, a 76-year-old man, lives in Dongmen community. Since his wife died, he lived alone with his sons and daughters working away from him. “I felt bored at home alone, so I was thinking of going out for a walk. But I had nowhere to go in the past while I can now come here every day without having to go out on a hot day,” Zhang said happily.

According to statistics, there are about 96,200 old people aged over 60 years old in Lishui. In order to improve the old-aged care service, Lishui has been accelerating the construction of the old-aged service system to basically form a service network of the community (village), street, town and district home care service and synchronously promote the construction of home care, community care and institution care for the elderly. On the basis of safeguarding service for the rural elderly, Lishui speeds up the construction of the service facilities for the elderly and increases items such as assisting dinning and assisting bathing for the elderly to extend home care service to villages through fostering and developing social organizations. 

The related principal said that in the future, Lishui is to upgrade the service on the basis of full coverage among which all the communities in towns will achieve 3A standard, and one daytime care service center is to be built in each town. At the same time, the subsidy measures for the home care service will be perfected to attract more social organizations to get involved in.
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