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Pukou Adds 67 Public Bike Stations This Year
Yesterday, reporters learned from Pukou Transportation Bureau that Pukou is to newly build 67 public bike stations this year which will be mainly distributed in the newly-built residential quarters, subway entrances and industrial parks. The original stations are encrypted and the service network is optimized.

According to introduction, as a result of less input of shared bicycles in Pukou, the development of public bikes is especially important for citizens to go out. The new public bike stations proposed to be built this year have officially started construction in August and the project is to be constructed according to the principle of "overall planning, construction in batches and input in batches". At present, the first 26 stations have completed the excavation work and 44 carports in 13 stations have completed the equipment installation. The stations in residential quarters such as Yaleju, Wanke Puyuecheng, Zhangrong Runjiangcheng, Chongchuang Zhenyuan are added, and the stations in public areas such as Yanchuangyuan youth center, Qiaolin hospital and sandbeach park are also added. The first batch of the stations will be successively put into operation after completing the trial run in September. 
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