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An American Patient with Myeloma Is Cured in Nanjing
On the morning of August 30th, after one and half months of careful treatment in hematology department of Jiangsu Province Hospital, Mr. Craig Chase, coming from California and suffering from recurrent & refractory multiple myeloma for three years was discharged from the hospital. Mr. Chase is China’s first foreign patient to be successfully cured multiple myeloma with CAR-T cell therapy, and also the 6th patient to successfully treated by this method in Jiangsu Province Hospital.

Mr. Chase was 56 years old this year and was diagnosed with myeloma in November 2014. He has received 6 times of chemotherapy in the United States, but with unsatisfactory effect. In June 2015, he received autologous stem cell transplantation and continued to consolidate chemotherapy after the transplantation. In August 2016, Mr. Chase felt unwell again and then he contacted with professor Li Jianyong, hematology department director of Jiangsu Province Hospital and China’s famous hematologist.

After being hospitalized in Jiangsu Province Hospital, Mr. Chase began to accept cell collection. Hospital experts and cooperative drug companies have installed targeted antibodies to the collected T cells through special treatment. “Commonly, T cell is just like the police in the body. Now we equip missile positioning system for the police, so that the new cell police can accurately find tumor cells and eliminate them after cells are returned to the patient again. At present, CAR-T therapy is becoming more and more popular and it has achieved amazing results especially in the leukemia and lymphoma with B source,” said Chen Lijuan, chief physician of multiple myeloma treatment group in Jiangsu Province Hospital.
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