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Nanjing Strictly Control VOCs Pollution
As an important task of comprehensive environment improvement, Nanjing has implemented the refined management on volatile organic compounds (VOCs). As of early August, Jiangsu province has issued a list of 515 enterprises needing to be improved, among which 361 have completed the improvement with a completion rate of 70%. Another 150 enterprises are under construction or formulating a scheme.

VOCs mainly result from fuel combustion and industrial waste gas, vehicle exhaust, photochemical pollution, etc. generated from transportation, among which PAH (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon) contains teratogenicity and carcinogenicity, being a killer to human’s health. Earlier this year, based on the provincial&municipal action requirements of "two-reduction, six-treatment and three-improvement" and combined with the practical situation of our city, Nanjing municipal environmental protection department has regulated a special scheme on volatile VOCs pollution treatment, and 764 enterprises need to be renovated specially.

In July this year, each district and park among the whole city supervised the implementation condition of the special scheme. Thereinto, Jinling Petrochemistry and Yangzi Petrochemistry have finished upgrading according to the national standard. For example, leak detection&repair have achieved normalized management and storage tanks which are unqualified have been transformed with the breathing loss being strictly controlled; there are 289 enterprises in the packaging & printing industry needing to be regulated, among which 195 enterprises have finished the rectification with the completion rate of 91.3%.
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