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The Exceptional Needy People Can Enjoy Nursing Service
On August 9th, the Nanjing Municipal Government published Suggestions on Speeding Up the Improvement of the Assistance and Support System for the Exceptional Needy Personnel to regulate that Nanjing will provide seven major services including basic life, care service, disease treatment and funeral service for the urban and rural exceptional needy personnel.

Who is in the range of assistance and Support? The Suggestions propose that the objects are the elderly, the disabled and the minors under the age of 16 who have registered permanent residence in Nanjing, and they shall also meet the following conditions: incapability of work; no source of income; no obligor to support, to raise, to foster or his or her obligor is unable to perform his or her duty.

It is difficult to evaluate the exceptional needy personnel’s self-care ability. Our city will entrust a qualified third-party to evaluate and determine the nursing level that the exceptional needy personnel should enjoy based on the assessment results. The self-care ability shall be evaluated based on activities of daily life (eating, dressing, bathing,etc.), cognitive competence (recent memory, procedural memory, directional memory and ability of judgement), emotional behavior (emotion, behavior, communication) and audio-visual sense(vision and auditory sense).

Our city will provide seven services to these exceptional needy personnel. Basic life security includes the provision of daily necessities and pocket money including food and oil, non-staple food, fuel or daily use, clothing, and bedding which can be guaranteed by entities or cash. Daily life care refers to basic services such as providing care, nursing services including necessary care in daily life or during the hospital stay to the personnel who cannot take care of themselves.  
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