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Liuhe to Issue the First Postal Express for Business License
In recent days, the Market Supervision and Management Department in Liuhe District has sent a business license to the reserved address of a citizen by the postal express. It is one of the specific measures for the Department to implement the service for the convenience of the customers.

According to the introduction, in the past, the citizen needed to go to the counter again after applying for the business license, which was much time-consuming and toilsome. Nowadays, the Department has officially launched the postal express service for the business license based on the principal of free service and voluntary choice. If the applicant is willing to entrust the postal express to receive the business license, the staff can operate on the integrated management system of government affairs service to invite the applicant to scan the bar code on the bag to match the information and the Postal Service Department will send the business license to the applicant. The business license can be delivered in the next day after successful application expect for some remote areas.
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