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35℃ Today, Rainy the Day After Tomorrow
The Nanjing Municipal Observatory predicted that since today, the highest temperature in Nanjing is 35℃, but it is going to rain the day after tomorrow and the temperature will drop gently too.

In the daytime of yesterday, the rainfall in our city was gradually ended. From 8:00 a.m. to 16.00 p.m., the rainfall was from 0 to 39.6 mm (Gucheng Town). Affected by the rainfall, the city's highest temperature was 27.8 ℃ (Gaochun) to 30.5 ℃ (Liuhe). Though the temperature was not high, the relative humidity was large. In 12:00 p.m, the relative humidity was generally above 80% and the sense of stuffiness was quite strong. According to the latest forecast, under the control of the anticyclonic circulation, it will be cloudy today and tomorrow. The temperature will obviously rise again and the highest temperature will up to 35℃.

In a period after the beginning of autumn, the overall temperature is at a relatively high level, so it will be periodically hot. The expert introduced that at present, Nanjing has still in dog days and there still be a period of time for it to enter the real autumn. In August 12nd, it is again going to rain and the local rainfall will reach to medium or heavy level. Affected by the rainfall, the temperature will drop gently. 
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