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Gulou to Collect Overseas Cooperative Project
In recent days, Gulou district has put forward a series of policies to build the bridge and provide support for the regional enterprises to carry out the international scientific & technological (S&T) cooperation and to facilitate overseas enterprises to invest in Gulou

Recently, Gulou district has issued a solicitation for all the S&T enterprises in the region to get know of the international cooperative projects under communication and their cooperative intention, and to seek for detailed information of the overseas enterprises who have the intention to settle in Nanjing.

How to turn the intention into reality? A series of policies are supportive. There are four categorizes, respectively being international cooperative project declaration policy, S&T innovation rewards, maker space policy and talent policy. Thereinto, the key national cooperative project can be subsidized up to one million yuan at the provincial level; the international technology transfer service agent project, up to 0.7 million yuan; international innovation park service carrier and platform construction project between governments in China and other countries, no more than three million yuan; overseas R&D project of enterprises, up to 0.7 million yuan; aperiodic and provincial-level international cooperation project, about one million yuan.

In terms of S&T innovation, the R&D institutes established in Nanjing such as overseas enterprises, colleges and universities ad research institutes can be subsidized up to two million yuan; the R&D institutes established in Nanjing of the top 500 enterprises in the world and the top 100 in China, up to five million yuan; the enterprises setting up R&D institutions overseas, no more than two million yuan. In terms of maker space, the newly-introduced foreign universities and scientific research institutes setting up entity technology transfer centers in Gulou district, up to 0.2 million yuan for one time; in addition, Gulou has also established a library of overseas students project and foreign talent internship position. If establishing an internship site for international students in a technology enterprise, each person will be subsidized 1000 yuan per month.

The solicited international cooperative project will debut on the 6th Global(Nanjing) Research and Development Summit to be convened in October this year.
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