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Nanjing Primary students receive self-protection training

"Students, we will encounter many challenges in this training. Are you afraid? Are you ready?" "We’re ready!" On May 11 and 12, 236 students from the Nanjing Jinling Middle School Hexi Campus spent a day and a half on learning life education in Lishui Dajinshan National Defense Park.


Fire drills (fire fighting, escape), high altitude rescue and escape, city pipe escape...... On the morning of May 11, the students were divided into four teams and carried out practical exercises in various fieldss. With the guidance of coaches, students used the fire extinguisher to extinguish the flames and escaped from windows three or four meters high with the ropes. And they also covered mouths and noses with wet towels through the air defense pipelines with smoke.

The excursion featured activities including building and pipeline escapes, and other emergency rescue programs. Students also gained self-protection and first aid techniques from the experts at the park.


"We have only one life to live! If I get these escape special experiences, it is very helpful for me. It is not written in the book", Student Wang from Class 2 Grade 5 said, he also hoped that he could take precautions against emergencies in the future through the activities.

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