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Nurses enjoy concessionary ticket fares in Niushou Mountain today

May 12 is the International Nurses' Day. Niushou Mountain cultural tourism zone provides preferential price for nurses as follow: The nurse who shows practicing certificate or incumbency certification issued by professional medical institutions can enjoy special offer ticket price of 50 yuan per person (original price is 98 yuan per person).

Since the park opened to the public in 2015, Niushou Mountain cultural tourism zone has already host many public welfare activities. In Jan 2016, they organized 60 elderly people in nursing homes to travel in Niu Shou Mountain for free. And they also held the commonweal activity to make Taxi drivers gather In Niu Shou Mountain and travel for free. On Oct 22,2016, they launched public fitness running named Pink Ribbon to call for and arouse the whole society to pay attention to female health.

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