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The father of Dutch design comes to Nanjing for the brocade design innovation

March 13 - 17, Nanjing international designers’ resident project named Handicrafts’ Creation to Revive Intangible Cultural Heritage invited the famous Dutch designer Hess Barker to Nanjing, and communicated with the successors of Nanjing Brocade to explore the creative design of brocade works. The event is jointly launched by the Municipal Propaganda Department and the public welfare agency.

From last August to the first half of this year, the project has invited 10 groups of international top design masters, 8 groups of cutting-edge designers to Nanjing. They cooperated with institutions and inheritors of Intangible Cultural Heritage in fields of Nanjing brocade, gold foil, tenon-and-mortise work (Ming-style furniture) and velvet flowers. They did refining, transformation and creation of Nanjing Intangible Cultural Heritage Culture.

Hess Barker is the master of the Dutch national treasure design and he is also the promoter of postmodernism. He started his career with jewelry design and then did cross-border design in fields of product design, home accessories, household appliances, interior design and even public space design and exhibition design. And he is known as the father of Dutch design.

During the period, Hess Barker visited Nanjing Brocade Museum, Jiangning Imperial Silk Manufacturing Museum, and had in-depth communication with inheritors of and designers of Nanjing brocade. He also personally sat in front of a large weaving machine and experienced the brocade weaving process for an hour.

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