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Nanjing wins the bid of 2018 badminton world championships

At 5 pm of March 18 SGT, the World Badminton Association held a convention in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Paul ? Eric ? Hoyethe, the chairman of the World Badminton Association, announced that Nanjing won the bid to host 2018 badminton World Championships.

Be entrusted by Nanjing Municipal Committee and Municipal Government, Liu Yi'an who is the executive vice mayor and the member of Municipal Standing Committee flew to Kuala Lumpur with Nanjing bid delegation. On the presentations convention for cities to compete the bid to host 2018-2019 badminton world championships, Nanjing is the first bidding city. Liu Yi'an made a speech in English and the representatives of Nanjing sports industry group conducted a bidding presentation. And they played Nanjing advertising video live. Liu Yi'an pointed out that Nanjing was the international charming city. After the success of 2014 Youth Olympic Games, Nanjing has been very willing and confident to make efforts to develop badminton activities by cooperating with the World Badminton Association. The municipal government will do a good job in urban operation and organizing talents and so on. Nanjing will successfully host 2018 Badminton World Championships with the unique flavor of Nanjing.

The world badminton single championship is the highest level match in Badminton, 2018 Badminton World Championships will be held in Nanjing Youth Olympic Sports Park Stadium from July 30 to August 5 and nearly 370 players from 40 countries and areas will attend the match.

Nanjing Youth Olympic Sports Park Stadium, as the fifth-generation smart stadium ranking the fifth in the world, the first in China, is currently the largest indoor gymnasium in China. It will be completed in the first half of 2017 and put into operation. 2016 World Speed ??Skating Championships, 2017 World All Round Skating Championships and Group Phases of 2019 Men's Basketball World Cup and other international competitions have landed in Nanjing.

Nanjing has the experience of holding a wealth of international competitions such as Asian Youth Games, Youth Olympic Games, the speed skating world championships and other international large-scale comprehensive games. In addition, Nanjing took the lead in establishing the sports industry group in the country. Nanjing owns the international class quality stadium, the Youth Olympic Park. All in all, Nanjing matches the qualification to held 2018 badminton world championships.

In the process of the bid, the State Sports General Administration and Jiangsu Provincial Sports Bureau gave full supports.

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