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Microsoft Global Students’ Technology Competition in Nanjing

On March 17, Finals of Microsoft Innovation Cup Global Students’ Science and Technology Competition (Jiangsu and Anhui Province) were held in Xingzhi Science and Technology Park in Nanjing Economic and Technological Development Zone. This event has been held for 14 years and collected the world's top innovation and wisdom from the youth. It is the first time for the event to land in Nanjing this year. Ultimately, a smart technology company from Nanjing developed a magic power track socket and won the first prize. They will represent Jiangsu and Anhui province to participate in the final in China.

In the traditional home decoration, workers will inevitably need to break the wall to arrange the wiring for sockets. All the work is a little bit waste of time and efforts. Electrical appliances have to use more wiring boards. Jiangsu Element Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. developed the "XPOWER power track socket" and it can completely change the status quo. This magic power track looks like a floor or tiles of the baseboard and it can be installed on the wall or the edge of the desk. People just need to electrify the rails and put ??the removable socket into the middle of the track gap. The magic socket will be on power automatically. This product is completely different from the traditional smart home products. It not only can be made into a socket, but also can be made of routers, night lights and audio speakers and so on.

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