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Lishui Mountain half marathon waits for your coming

Lishui, known as "natural oxygen bar", is the source of Qinhuai river and its rural scenery and charm of watery country is like scroll painting. 2017 Lishui Mountain half marathon will be launched on March 26 and follows the most beautiful track like last year.

"Green ecology is the biggest feature of the track. It will run across many eco-card sites in Lishui such as Wuxiang Mountain, Fujiabian and other places where you can see the most beautiful scenery." The worker from Organizing Committee told our reporter. The planned route has been certified as class A by Chinese Athletic Association. It means that the core part has achieved national professional certification standards including track, timing, referee and doping testing. Because the match has been certificated as class A, the results can be recorded and ranked in Chinese Athletics Association and IAAF. In addition, the players can declare their results for national records, Asian records and world records.

The match will start from Wuxiang Mountain National Forest Park, which is the fifth national forest park in Nanjing. It is surrounded by Wuxiang lake and the Sanskrit sound of Wuxiang temple. We can see beautiful scenery everywhere. For example, there is an ancient crater which is called the first Tianchi in Jiangnan on the top of the moutain. What’s more, there are plum blossoms extending for hundreds of miles, strawberry fields and bamboo forest spreading for several thousand mu and other beautiful scenery on the track.

According to the Organizing Committee, the current domestic marathon events are mostly running in city roads. 2017 Lishui Mountain half marathon will be running in tortuous roads, which can be described as hairpin bends. Because of its unique terrain, it will be a great challenge for participants of their variable speed running ability, and comprehensive skills.

In addition to the beautiful natural scenery, there will be stilt- walking, music allegro, waist drum, and other performances with Lishui local folklore on March 26th.

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