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55 Primary and Middle Schools to hold football carnivals

On March 13th, Nanjing Campus Football Carnival themed of Happy football and Healthy Growth was in Jianye High School. In the next 1 month, the event will be held in the city's 55 schools featured of football.

In a small area of about 10 square meters, 4 students were divided into two teams and the team shooting the ball into the mini ball door within a specified period of time will win the game. Although the site is relatively small, the situation on the battlefield is still very fierce. When one team tried to have a shot, there would be cheers at the scene. The atmosphere is as animated and lively as the real football field. And this is just one of the events at the carnival on March 13th. VR virtual reality technology experience and other items have attracted a large number of students to participate in.

Zhang Ningsheng, the director of the campus football office in the Municipal Sports Bureau, introduced that in recent years the city has been promoting the campus football. Although the number of participants of Class League Football Matches is considerable, many girls are not interested in playing footbal. The campus football carnival gives first place to games and makes football more fun. And the professional football guide is also included, so that every participant will find the charm and joy of football from running, dribbling, passing, shooting. The events create an opportunity for students to understand, experience and participate in football. He hopes that more girls will feel the charm of football, even if they cannot play football through these events.

At present, there are 139 schools featured of football in Nanjing. In order to further promote the development of campus football, Nanjing will also encourage more schools to declare football featured schools. It is expected that the number of football featured schools will reach about 240 in the next year.

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