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Pukou painting and calligraphy institute settled in the beautiful village

In northwest of Xingdian Street, Pukou District, there is a beautiful village with a taste of Jiangnan style and its name is Shan’gong village. Recently, Pukou painting and calligraphy institute was settled in Shan’gong village, adding a thick cultural atmosphere for the beautiful village.

Shangong means the lap, which is flat and with fertile farmland, pond, mountain spring,forest and farmhouse. Jiufeng temple in the village is built in the period of the Three Kingdoms, and it is surrounded by the beautiful Jiufeng moutain, breathtaking Guanyin cave and an exquisite scenery of Chuhe River. The first floor of the institute is the exhibition hall and more than 70 pieces of calligraphy and paintings including cursive, official script, seal character, and other fonts of handwriting are exhibited. The second floor is a workshop, providing the writers and poets a place to work and communicate here. Si Wei Art Museum is also located here with some ink paintings exhibited.

Last year, Pukou painting and calligraphy institute was built by Zheng Yuansong who is the disciple of Bai He. Zheng Yuansong was born in Houwei, Xingdian street,Pukou district and he is the vice chairman of Pukou Calligraphers Association. He wants to bring some changes for his hometown and ad some cultural deposits. At the end of last year, the institute which is invested by him was completed.

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