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A girl in NUPT be admitted to Stanford University

Zhou Zixuan, a senior student major in communication engineering in Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications, was recently admitted to Stanford University, the world's top major electronic computer engineering. Zhou Zixuan has been studying very hard and often eat bread in order to save time for learning. When lining up in canteen, she also practices oral English with a headset.

When speaking of her application experience, Zhou Zixuan thought that the high points of GPA, TOEFL and GRE and the research experiences are all important. "The course named Analog Electronic Circuits is very hard for many students so that I have to spend a lot of time on it. I wrote many notes on textbooks and read repeatedly for six or seven times, and did exercises for more than ten times. Higher mathematics is the foundation. If you learn this course well, you will learn university physics, electromagnetic and other courses smoothly.

Zhou Zixuan got more than 180 points of innovation ability points during the second year in the university, including the first prize of China Robot Competition, the second prize of the US college students Mathematical Contest, Runner of 2016RoboCup Robot World Cup China Challenge ect.. During the winter and summer vacation, she spent most of her time preparing for the race. When she was lining up in the cafeteria, she was also wearing a headset. Eventually, she got the impressive results: 4.33 points in GPA, the second place in professional field, 105 points in TOEFL, 327 points in GRE.

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