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Nanjing young messengers recommend local folk customs to overseas teenagers

On March 11th, there were more than 20 foreign young players participated in the "global village youth bilingual speech contest" , they took part in the Nanjing cultural heritage project communication activities with the buddies in Nanjing.

On the morning of March 11th, the first "Nanjing international cultural exchange small messenger" communication activities which co-sponsored by the municipal Party  committee, Municipal Foreign Affairs Office, city shaogongwei was held in the folk custom museum.

Recently, it was at the very time more than 20 overseas players came to Nanjing to participate in the "global village youth bilingual speech contest". Nanjing  international cultural exchange young messengers sent an invitation to them for taking part in Nanjing cultural heritage project communication activities toghther.At  the event, the young messengers introduced local customs and practices and traditional culture from ancient to modern times in Nanjing to the foreign buddies. These overseas young buddies came from Singapore, the United States, Australia, South Korea, Ecuador and other places.

Under the leadership of the non genetical descendants in the folk custom museum, the children experience Nanjing intangible cultural heritage project such as face painting, lanterns, paper-cut and dough figurines and so on. They made handicrafts personally. At the same time, they in-depth learned historical story and cultural  connotation of Nanjing traditional handicrafts. Overseas students were full of curiosity about Nanjing intangible cultural heritage project. Olivia who came from  Australia said: "Today, the cultural heritage I see is ancient, they are full of mysterious and interesting and I love them very much."

According to the director of the Municipal Party Committee, "Nanjing international cultural exchanges messenger selection activities, as an important part of sunflower plan, attracted a large number of small and medium-sized school children to participate since last November, nearly a thousand people attended. After online lectures and offline interviews and other selection links, 100 players of the first batch were selected as little ambassadors for Nanjing international cultural exchange in 2017. Their mission is to introduce Nanjing to international friends and highlight the international style of Chinese youth".

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