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Girls from Nanjing Normal University set up the lovelorn’s union

February 14 is Valentine's Day. When the flowers occupied everywhere, lovers were walking hand by hand sweetly. You Jiawen, a girl from Nanjing Normal University, is concerned about the lovelorn young people. This girl major in psychology issued a recruitment order online that she wanted to set up the lovelorn’s union. And she wants to help them out of the emotional haze through various activities.

"Hello, is that the lovelorn’s union? I have been lovelorn for two months and also feel very sad now. Can you help me?" when our reporter contacted You Jiawen, she was answering a junior student’s phone. She said that it is a cognitive behavior group counseling project, they would help the college students who had a love history, experienced lovelorn and had not recovered yet improve lovelorn coping style and negative emotions.

"I experienced the pain without love, surrounding students have similar experiences too. We all want to end the lovelorn sadness, forget the Exes. I study the group counseling and psychological counseling courses in our university, and want to apply what I has learned." You Jiawen said, she hopes that she can use their own expertise to help lovelorn college students to re-build the psychological, emotional independence.

The lovelorn’s union plans to recruit a total of 40 members, each group of 10 persons. The group counseling includes six parts, such as coping lovelorn affairs, emotional adjustment, cognitive adjustment, behavior adjustment. They want to look for the common characteristics of lovelorn college students through a number of small games or collective discussion on one thing. And then they can intervene correctly. At present, the union has recruited 20 persons. After the completion of recruitment, collective activities will be officially launched.

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