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Jiangning Xintong community sends warmth to needy people

During the Spring Festival, Jiangning Street Xintong community Party branch secretary Cao Zhaolong led the community staff to visit and send blessings to needy people in the community and the elderly in five guarantees system in nursing homes.

Xintong community gave 15 persons in five guarantees system a relief fund from 300 to 500 yuan each person; 62 low-income families 800 yuan per person; 12 needy party members 1,000 yuan per person; over 200 needy families from 500 to 2000 yuan each family. A total of more than 270,000 yuan relief funds were issued. It is reported that Xintong community is very concerned about the lives of needy people and extends regards to needy people every year taking the advantage of the Spring Festival, Double Ninth Festival and so on. So that they feel the concern, the big family’s warmth in the community.

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