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Decision of the Municipal Government on awarding the Athletes, Coaches and Management Support Staff with Outstanding Achievements at the 31st Olympic Games
The whole decision is made by the municipal government as follows in a report. District People's Government, the municipal government offices, the city directly under the unit:


At the 31st Olympic Games, a total of 10 athletes from Nanjing participated in the women's volleyball, synchronized swimming, fencing (epee, saber), judo, badminton, women's basketball six projects. They won a gold medal, 2 silver medals, a bronze medal, a fourth of the outstanding results. Out of the 10 athletes in Nanjing, six people get medals, with the number of medals ranking the first in the whole province. The good result cannot be separated from the previous Olympic Games in our city. Nanjing athletes worked hard, played well, and the relevant coaches and management support personnel were also hard-working. It is their passionate dedication that together won the honor for our country, Jiangsu Province, and Nanjing the city. The municipal government thus decided to award the athletes, coaches and management staff and security personnel who had achieved good results and made excellent contribution at the 31st Olympic Games.


First and foremost, award the athlete Cheng Xun Zhao, coaches Feng Weidong, Qu Haixia, Xu Zhiming with the honorary title of "Nanjing Model Workers". Secondly, give coaches Huang Chunning, Zhu Meifang, management and security personnel Chen Weihong, Wang Qing, Zhong Aipin, Tang Li, Dai Yi, Liu Junlin each relevant award and record each a secondary contribution for one time respectively. I hope the commendable comrades make persistent efforts to achieve much greater success in the future. The whole city from top to bottom will advanced together and modeled on them as exemplars. Let us study from them and carry forward the spirit of the athletes during the Olympic Games which demonstrated the fighting spirit, unity, innovation, hard working. Let us build a new Nanjing with a new level at the start of the thirteen-five period, and make new contributions to our city!


People 's Government of Nanjing Municipality

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