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Materials About Foreign Spouse or Common-Law Partner to Applying for Permanent Residence

Applicants must meet all the following conditions: spouses of Chinese citizen or foreigners who have the qualification of permanent residence in China; the marriage must be of five years; living in China for five years consecutively; living in China for at least 9 months every year; having a stable life with guarantee and residence.

1. One application form for each applicant. The applicant or the parents if their children are under 18 years old and unmarried or the entrusted party should make the application at the municipal Public Security Bureau of the major investment place or the permanent place of residence.

2. The applicant should have a valid foreign passport or documents which can be used to take place of a passport.

3. Four 2-inch color photographs, recently taken, against a white background, full frontal view.

4. Every applicant should have a health certificate issued by health quarantine departments appointed by Chinese government or by foreign health medical care organization approved by consulates or diplomatic missions for China at foreign countries. The health check should be done six months before the application and the health certificate should be a valid one as required.

5. Every applicant should have a certificate of no criminal conviction approved by consulates or diplomatic missions for China at foreign countries. In addition, a no criminal record is needed in both the major overseas living place (the place where the applicant live for at least 2 years consecutively) and China.

6. Related testimonials for the spouse or common-law partner:

(1). Certificate of the applicant’s Chinese spouse’s permanent residence registration or the “Certificate of the Foreigner’s Permanent residence” of the applicant’s foreign spouse.

(2). Certificate of Marriage.

(3). Notarized Certificate of Living Standard Security (The certificate means disposable property with at least 10-year the amount on deposit according to the standard of minimum amount of subsistence allowances every month at the site of the acceptance authority or certificates of income source 5 years after the application accepted and the income should be above the standard mentioned before. The property or income can be the applicant’s or the shared.)

(4). Notarized Certificate of the Lease of House or Property Right.

All the above certificated issued by foreign organs should be approved by consulates or diplomatic missions for China at foreign countries.

Notes: The applicants should be in a relationship of marriage. The applicant’s residence time in China before the application, such as short-time stay, time of studying or remaining in office, can be counted into the limit of stay as required.

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