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Registration of Temporary Accommodation of Overseas Applicants

Types of overseas applicants: foreigners, Taiwan residents, Hong Kong and Macau residents and overseas Chinese.

1. For lodging at guest houses, hotels, inns, hostels, schools or other enterprises and institutions or at government organs or other Chinese organizations, overseas applicants should present valid identification documents and fill in “Registration Forms of Temporary Accommodation”

2. When a foreigner wishes to lodge at the home a Chinese resident in urban areas, the host or the lodger shall, within 24 hours of the lodger's arrival, report to the local public security organ with the lodger's passport and certificate as well as the host's residence booklet and fill in “Registration Forms of Temporary Accommodation”. In rural areas, the host or lodger shall report to the local police station or residence registration office within 72 hours of the lodger's arrival.

3. Foreigners who lodge temporarily in movable living facilities shall, within 24 hours of arrival, report to the local public security organ.

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