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Notice to Chinese of Foreign Nationality Purchasing House Property in Nanjing Applying for Visas

Ⅰ. Applying for visa

Those Chinese (with foreign nationality, over the age of 60, entered China with L-visa, and are purchasing house in Nanjing), their spouse and their children under the age of 18 can apply for zero-entry, one-entry, two-entry, or multi-entry  L-visas that are valid for six months or valid for one year from the Exit and Entry Administration Division of Public Security Bureau. They can apply as many times as they prefer.

Applicants must answer related questions if asked, and provide the following documents:

1.    Applicant’s original and valid passport and L-visa, as well as copies of the applicant’s passport and L-visa;
2.    Temporary Residence Registration Certificate;
3.    Properly-completed Foreigner’s Visa and Residence Permit Application Form with a photograph affixed to the form. The photograph should be:

  two inches in size

  taken recently, showing current appearance

  show full face and front view with a plain white or off-white background

  taken in normal street attire (do not wear a hat or headgear that obscures the hair or hairline) 
4.    Original and copies of house property certificates;

5.    Certificates of financial source (such as draft, bankbook, cash card, etc.) or financial warranty letters or self-warranty financial letters notarized by notary organs that are at or above the city level in China;

6.    If the applicant’s spouse has foreign nationality, marriage certificates should be provided. If the applican’t children have foreign nationalities, birth certificates or kinship certificates should also be provided.

Note: Documents issued to applicants previously by institutions abroad must be authenticated by Chinese embassies or consulates abroad.

Ⅱ. Re-applying for Visa

In addition to the above-mentioned required documents, foreigners holding new passports and re-applying for visas should also provide the following documents;

1. If you hold a new passport because your previous passport was lost, stolen, or damaged, you should provide certificates of passport loss report issued by the departments in charge of administration of exit and entry under the public security organs or provide certificates issued by relevant foreign embassies or consulates in China;

2. If you hold a new passport because your previous passport was   expired or your visa pages had run out, you must provide the previous  passport that you used when you entered China;

3. For foreign infants born in China and holding separate passports, their parents must provide original birth certificates of the infants and copies of the parents’ passports.


1. Applicants must pay application fee in accordance with the relevant regulations of competent organs of Chinese government.

2. Foreigners holding L-visa are forbidden to work in China. The public security organs will impose punishment in accordance with law on those foreigners or responsible persons who unlawfully reside or stay in China or break law in China.

3. Applicants’ valid staying period and the total entry times should be based on the result of approval by the departments in charge of administration of exit and entry under public security organs.

4. The departments in charge of administration of exit and entry under public security organs have the right to refuse to issue visas and documents to foreigners in accordance with law, and to revoke the issued visas and documents or declare null and void.

5. The normal precessing time, including accepting application, examination, approval, and issue of visas, is five business days.

Nanjing Exit-and-Entry Administration Division 
of Public Security Bureau

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