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Residence Permit for Foreigners

Business Place: No.1 Hong Gong Ci

Information Telephone: 84420005

Approval Standard: For details, see the “Law of the People's Republic of China on Control of the Entry and Exit of Aliens”, “Rules for Implementation of the Law of the People's Republic of China on Control of the Entry and Exit of Aliens” and “Regulations On Visa Application and Residence Permit of Aliens” of the Public Security Ministry of P.R. China (G..J. (2004) No.30)


1. Submitting and checking the valid Passport and Visa;
2. Submitting the certificate of residence of temporary accommodation;
3. Submitting corresponding documents and the applicant’s photographs;
4. Filling up the application form of “Visa Application and Residence Permit of Aliens”;
5. The person who has undertaken submits the documents with signature to authority for approval;
6. Making the certificate after approval;
7. Paying fees of the certificate;
8. The person who has undertaken approves and issues the certificate.


The applicants should be foreigners who come to Nanjing for investment or work and their accompanying parents, spouse and children under 18 years old or foreigners who study in Nanjing. The first acceptance of foreigners’ residence permit needs the presence the applicant personally and the applicant’s work unit or colleges can be in charge of it.

Time Limit of Handling and Winding Up a Case: Within 5 working days.

Legal Time Limit: 5 working days.

Ways of Informing the Result: The applicant will be informed on the spot.

Ways of Approval: The person undertakes the documents; the authority checks and approves the documents; the documents are bonded and placed on file.

Fee Standard: For details, see the “Notice On The Fee Standard and Relevant Questions of National Development and Reform Commission and Ministry of Finance” (F.G.J.G. (2004) No.2230)

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