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About us

"Nanjing China" is an official web site, which has been set up by concerning and direction of Nanjing municipal committee and Nanjing municipal people's government. "Nanjing China" is the general platform of offering authorized government information and online service, issued by each departments of Nanjing municipal people's government. It is an important channel and bridge of communication between Nanjing municipal government and Nanjing citizen.

"Nanjing China" aimed to build up a "service government" with the tenet of "service for the people". We insist on issuing most authorized information, extending the contact of service, and developing most expedite channels.

"Nanjing China" now has these main modules as follows: Home, Government, Nanjing today, Life, Business, Community, Nanjing Q & A, Exchange rate, Useful information, and One-station services, including details of Nanjing News, About Nanjing, International Cooperation, Accommodation, Leisure, Transportation, Education, Hospitals, Consulting & Services Economic Facts, Preferential Policies, Development Zone, Business cost, Operation Guide, Policies & Regulations, etc.

As the official web site of representing for Nanjing, "Nanjing China" will service for the Nanjing lovers all over the world with the empressement and assiduity.


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